Our Company

It’s a great time to be in radio and an even greater time to be at Entercom

Radio is America’s # 1 reach medium and growing, with 93% of Americans tuning in weekly. Only radio is live, local and personal with massive scale, offering today’s advertisers daily audience engagement, unparalleled ROI, and powerful brand activation at a time when competitive media are becoming increasingly disrupted.

As one of the country’s two largest radio broadcasters, Entercom offers integrated marketing solutions and delivers the power of local connection on a national scale with coverage of close to 90% of persons 12+ in the top 50 markets. Entercom is the #1 creator of live, original, local audio content and the nation’s unrivaled leader in news and sports radio.



"I think radio is a way to take
the pulse of the world."

- Chris Martin, Coldplay, Exclusive Entercom Interview
March 16, 2016
Our Core Principles

We are a mission-driven company. We care. A lot. We care about our communities, our listeners, our customers, our brands, our partners, our company, our work, and our teammates. The following principles guide every action and decision:

  • Local is at the core of everything we do. 
  • We are passionate about our brands, working to deliver consistently great radio, content, events and experiences. We never take our audiences for granted.
  • We lead with grit, confidence and a positive, make-it-happen spirit. We have an unwavering pride of ownership, and zero tolerance for negative thinking.
  • We set high standards for integrity and performance. We follow through on our commitments and are each accountable for delivering exemplary results.
  • We are relentless advocates for Radio. We vigorously compete for our fair share of ad spending and promote radio’s unmatched value to advertisers.
  • We strive to be a great partner to our customers and provide exceptional service.
  • We offer a great place to work where the most talented high achievers can grow, thrive and have fun.
  • We are committed to being outstanding corporate citizens. We endeavor to make a true difference in our communities and our nation.
  • We make smart, strategic business decisions. We balance short-term goals with long-term growth. We do not sacrifice our future value for quick gains.
  • We are curious and have an open, learning mindset. We never stop exploring new ideas, better solutions and innovation.