Behind every amazing advertising campaign is an incredible story. And CBS RADIO set out to learn more about how some of today’s most popular creative storylines came to be in a unique program entitled “Marketing Masters” currently being broadcast on-air and online.

The thought-provoking series was created by the Altitude Group, CBS RADIO’s custom advertising and marketing solutions team, and includes first person accounts from marketing executives including Eddie Combs, Vice President/CMO, Sears Home Appliances; John Hayes, CMO, American Express; and Lisa Cochrane, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Allstate along with Susan Credle, Chief Creative Office, Leo Burnett. As they reveal the creative development process for their successful campaigns, representatives from the trio of companies provide perspective on what makes for successful advertising in today’s crowded marketplace.

Audio excerpts of the interviews are broadcast on CBS RADIO stations across the nation, with the full recorded sessions available online at

“Marketing Masters is an authentic and honest approach to showcasing great marketers and their brand visions,” said Rich Lobel, Executive Vice President, CBS RADIO Altitude Group. “We think of the informative and entertaining content platform as ‘brain candy’ for all those who love insights and stories about advertising, branding and marketing.”