The Radio Television Digital News Association announces the
award annually and has been recognizing excellence in electronic
journalism since 1971.  Recipients of the award
share characteristics of excellence similar to Edward R. Murrow, a
pioneer in radio and television broadcasting remembered for honesty and
integrity.  The winners will be recognized in
October at the RTNDA Award Dinner in New York.

in San Francisco received an award in the audio investigative reporting
category for “Hard Times:  California’s Broken
Parole System.”  The story was sparked when four
Oakland police officers were shot in late March.  The
station shed light behind the bars, investigating conflicts between
parole agents and parolees within the country’s system.  KCBS
recently celebrated its 100th year and is one of the most
recognized stations in broadcast journalism.

WBZ-AM was recognized in the audio breaking news coverage category for
coverage of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy who lost his battle with
brain cancer in August.  Hosts and reporters
joined forces to tell Kennedy’s story and gather reactions from those
closest to the Senator.  The station has served
the greater Boston area since 1921, and has received many accolades for
its sports and news coverage.

In the
audio continuing coverage category, WCBS-AM in New York was recognized
for its coverage of the tragedy over the Hudson.  In
early August, nine people died when two helicopters collided over the
river.  The tragedy shocked onlookers, and WCBS
comprehensively covered the incident and aftermath.  Since
1946, WCBS has become known for its consistent news coverage and live
New York Yankees coverage.