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RADIO today announced it has partnered with Adam Carolla, comedian, TV star,
radio host, actor and entertainer to present his successful podcast to legions
of listeners and fans nationwide.  “THE
ADAM CAROLLA PODCAST” can be heard for free on-demand at and is additionally
available for download on iTunes.

Promotion for Adam Carolla will appear across CBS
RADIO’s portfolio of station properties with direct links to the entertainer’s
dedicated website.  Once there, fans can
listen to the latest audio rant from Adam, as well as sample archived
podcasts.  Ad sales for the podcast will
be handled by CBS RADIO.  Pre-roll,
in-stream audio and live reads are available for local and national clients
looking to reach Adam’s target audience of Men 18-49, among others.

In addition, an Adam Carolla focused radio station,
called K-ACE, debuts on Monday, September 28, and will offer fans
segments from Carolla’s popular podcasts interspersed with rock music and
programming selected by Carolla, “The Aceman,” himself.  K-ACE can be heard via CBS RADIO’s streaming
platform, Yahoo! Music Radio, AOL Radio, and on select mobile devices such as
the iPhone, iPod Touch and the Blackberry. 

CAROLLA PODCAST” began in February 2009 and currently reaches over 130,000
listeners per show.  The podcast remains
a constant in the Top 10 of iTunes’ Top Podcasts chart.  Carolla, famous for his rants on various
outrageous topics, uses his podcast to broadcast his opinions, while hosting an
assortment of influential and popular celebrities and friends, as he charms
guests and listeners alike with his witty sense of humor and biting sarcasm.

“I'm thrilled to be back in business with my friends
at CBS RADIO and feel like I'm at the vanguard of an exciting new technology,”
says Carolla.  “Now, if somebody could just tell me what the hell a POD

“We are
excited to once again be working with Adam Carolla providing our listeners with
the same Adam that so many fans have come to know and love over the years,”
says Chris Oliviero, Vice President of Programming, CBS RADIO.  “Adam has an uncanny ability to relate to
everyday people in a funny and engaging manner, and the popularity of his
podcast is a testament to that.

“This distinctive partnership showcases CBS RADIO’s
commitment to growth in the digital space and highlights the accessibility,
portability and cutting edge programming available on radio.”

Adam Carolla, who is best known for his work in
television and radio, has previously hosted CBS RADIO’s “The Adam Carolla
Show,” was co-host of the nationally syndicated radio call-in show “Loveline,”
co-created, and executive produced and co-hosted Comedy
Central's “The Man Show,” co-created, executive produced and was a
character on “Crank Yankers,” as well as was a contestant on ABC's popular
series “Dancing With The Stars.”  Carolla also starred, wrote and produced
the award-winning indie film “The Hammer.”  He is currently writing his
first book to be published by Crown in Fall 2010.  In addition to
“THE ADAM CAROLLA PODCAST,” Carolla is host of “Carcast,” a podcast devoted to
those who share Carolla’s passion and pastime of all things automobiles.