division of CBS Corporation comprised of 140 major market radio stations, announced
today a strategy designed to augment its current delivery methods providing all
of its stations with the capability to fully develop into a video medium in
addition to its audio content side of the business.

on the websites of four of the company’s New York stations (,, and, the launch of CBS RADIO’s new
video platform presents the stations with the technology and guidance to create
individual and personalized branded video players, which will allow them to
feature station content, syndicate videos both internally and externally, share
and distribute videos to multiple destinations and embed video clips to share
with others via social networking sites.

The new
technology also creates advanced advertising and specialized sponsorship
opportunities for CBS RADIO’s clients, including branded players and content,
studio imaging; advertorials and in-video advertising.

“Rethinking and
evolving our business had led us to this transformation and in the very near
future every station will have a major video component transforming radio from
a purely audio medium to a visual one as well,” said David Goodman, President,
Digital Media and Integrated Marketing, CBS RADIO.

“From a content
perspective, no one is better positioned than radio to take advantage of online
video with literally thousands of hours of original programming being produced every
week. Previously you could only hear
that material on-air or online. Now audiences
will be able to see what happens at their favorite radio station and interact
with our brands and personalities in an entirely different way, and we’ll be
able to extend our reach through the distribution capabilities the new player
affords us.”

In addition to broadcast simulcasts, live
concert performances, in-studio interviews, breaking news and original
programming exclusively for the web, the new player will also spotlight content
provided by the audience and solicited by the station. Effortless upload functionality will
facilitate an immediate dialogue between the station and its listeners via
videos emphasizing developing news stories, current event, entertainment or

CBS RADIO’s new video platform is powered
by WorldNow, the leading online technology, content and revenue-solutions
company for local media. With the
addition of CBS RADIO’s stations, WorldNow has 452 total local media clients in
broadcast TV, newspaper and now radio.


RADIO, one of the largest major-market operators in the United States
with stations covering news, sports, talk, rock, oldies, country, adult contemporary
and urban formats, among others, offers audiences an enhanced and customized
listening experience through the combination of on-air, online and new media
platforms. CBS RADIO operates 140 radio
stations throughout the nation’s top 50 markets and broadcasts play-by-play
coverage of 27 of the country’s leading professional sports franchises. CBS RADIO also has embraced interactive
programming through the use of streaming, HD Radio, podcasts and mobile messaging. The division maintains an exclusive agreement with AOL
Radio through which CBS RADIO powers AOL Radio and distributes its stations to
its network of listeners.
Home to the nation’s most listened to news (1010 WINS), sports
(WFAN-AM), rock (KROQ-FM) and country (WUSN-FM) stations, CBS RADIO is a
division of CBS Corporation. For more information on CBS RADIO, please visit

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